Cures for Meal Planning Boredom

*Meal Planning Boredom is a real condition that affects millions of housewives daily. Consult your spouse or a close friend to see if these solutions might work for you.

recipe.JPG Raid someone else’s recipe box
I’ve found a handful I’d like to try, including BBQ Texas Ribs, Texas Tacos, and a very intriguing Scrambled Egg Casserole. Be back to review and share any that are stellar. Oh, and I got this box back to where the lid could be closed; no need to thank me, nameless chef.

Use the Internet

My favorite recipe site is RecipeZaar. Most websites like this are great, but I stick to one. (Kinda like shopping at Aldi- keeps things simple. It feels better to only have 35,000 varieties of Chicken Noodle Soup to choose from, than to have 6-7 websites full of 35,000 each. 🙂 ) I sort my search results based on how many ratings the dish was given, and so far have come up with two winners this week: Lazy Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup and Creamy Burrito Casserole.

Get back to homemadedsc02910.JPG

I have wanted to try Hannah’s bagels for a couple weeks now. This would be my second try at them, and I like how she had me make up the dough the night before, saving me a bit of time. They turned out pretty well. At least they don’t look dead like my first batch did.


There’s been tampering at the polls! Check out the votes given to each participant, and let me know if you think someone’s soup should have received more. We crown a champion February 28th.