More ‘First’s

First Valentine’s Party- You probably wondered what kind of Valentine’s preparations would take me all week and keep me from the blog? Well, for starters it was making and addressing three sets of Valentines for thirty kids, and overseeing the making and addressing of two more sets (by our young writers). That alone took me all day Tuesday. Still, I am glad I didn’t buy them. Here’s a slideshow of some pictures I took:

First Valentine’s Dinner- Sure, I have been out for plenty of these, but I have never bothered making dinner special if we stayed in as a family that night. You would not believe how much of a boost it was to eat grilled steak (in the garage :)) in the dead of winter.dsc02875.JPGDessert was strawberry shortcake.I’ve missed you, ice cream, as much as grilled food.

First Pill- Our eldest has been complaining of a toothache for weeks now, and when it got really intense, we made an appointment with the dentist. He couldn’t see anything wrong, but prescribed an antibiotic in case the tooth was dying and had an infection. The antibiotic came in pill form, a new thing for A. Luke ground it up at dinner and stirred it in some applesauce. You would have thought we were making her eat monkey brains, the way she gagged with every (tiny) bite. It was a completely long, unnecessarily drawn out process, her eating this thing. Gee, only 14 more pills to go. I insist that learning to swallow it whole is the easiest solution (don’t taste it, and takes no time at all), but you know what she thinks of my suggestion.

First Time Luke Forgot About LOST- Well, maybe not, but it is worth mentioning. He would rather have listened to his found iPod, helped our firstborn make a three-wheeler out of LEGOS, and put the kids to bed for his achy-boned wife. (We’re still working on order of importance on this list.) When he returned to the kitchen at 9:30, I said something about how I wasn’t sure if LOST was available to watch online this season, and the look on his face was great. Not that either of us are tv junkies, but I love that his family came first (or at least second and third) over our favorite show. Gotta love him.


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  1. V, your party looked FUN! I love baby A’s shoes too! 😉 She looks so cute and so like a little girl already.

    I hope big A feels better. Has she been willing to take a pill yet? It IS a rather unnatural thing to do for the first time. Especially after the years of toddlerhood where she had to remember not to swallow toys. 😉

    I can’t believe you missed LOST! But it is nice your lovie had better priorities on Valentine’s Day. 🙂 I was wondering how many people missed it for the holiday. Were you able to watch it online? We recorded it ; so let me know.

    Love, faraway A 🙂

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