This Has To Be The Strangest Injury I Have Ever Had

Last week I had a Christmas gathering with some family members, and we had a cookie exchange. One of the treats on my plate was a bag of hard tack candy. I especially like the cinnamon flavor, and would have a piece each day. I guess I ate too much on Christmas Eve, because yesterday morning when I woke up, my tongue was swollen and sore! I couldn’t enjoy Luke’s Christmas breakfast, or Carol’s Christmas dinner. Today it feels just as bad, and I am brainstorming what I can put in the Magic Bullet for my lunch and supper, to be sucked through a straw. (Smoothie for breakfast.) I’m gargling with salt water- that soothes it some. I know now to avoid sugar, the nasty culprit. This really stinks because Luke and I are going away to Cleveland tomorrow, and part of a getaway is eating, and enjoying, foods you don’t normally get. Serves me right, though. I have spent too much of this season stuffing my mouth. Maybe this is God’s way of getting me back on the right weight management track. I hope I can thtart uthing my tongue again thoon. Otherwithe my ‘t’ and ‘h’ keyth will get worn out.
Photo: Abbie “helping” us decorate cookies before the party. Oh, sorry, was your batch soggy?

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  1. That happens to me whenever I have cinnamon gum or mints or red hots. I don’t know why! It must be an allergy. I hope you have a nice trip to Cleveland!

  2. Oh, I am so sorry this happened to you-and especially now. 🙂 You sound good humored about it. I love cinnamon too! B used to eat it in oatmeal until all of a sudden, when he was a toddler, it started burning his mouth every time! He had a burned red ring around his lips. Then I read that cinnamon can burn the skin and should never be used in cosmetics, and that it can also burn the mucous membranes and inside the mouth. OUCH! (I *heard* that a mouth wash named Peroxyl can help).

    I hope your trip is FUN and your mouth is better!! 🙂

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