Make It! Monday

There was an article in yesterday’s USA Weekend talking about Soup Swaps– get togethers where the participants each bring a quart of soup and, you guessed it, swap. I am SO going to do this! I often have to turn down social events, because it means time away from my family and away from my responsibilities at home. This kind of a thing makes fun with friends more worthwhile, since you’re bringing home food. Looks like there is a National Soup Swap Day on January 23. I’ll have to check with Luke, but am SO planning on having a Soup Swap then.
The only drawback is the limited number of people you can invite. Time is given during the evening for people to share a story about the soup they brought, and nobody has all night to listen to twenty different stories! The article recommended about seven to a party being a good number. So, I may have to set up some satellite soup swaps (Say that ten times fast!)
Mmmm. Soup.

One Reply to “Make It! Monday”

  1. Valerie,

    You will find yourself totally enamored with 20 people talking about soup. If you’ve got 20 that want to come, go for it!

    We’ve had 18 out in Seattle, an not on single person complains! Think of all the soup options.

    If you get it set up, drop back at and we’ll get your city listed! There was just a Soup Swap in Ashland, OH and I am trying to get my sister to do one in Delaware, OH.


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