Whatcha Worried About? Wednesday

No, I won’t start a weekly whine post- that was sortof a joke. But, I do have something going on that is bothering me. My hair is falling out.

I looked to Dr. WebMD, M.D. the other day, trying to find out if I was doing or not doing something specific that would help/hinder the situation, and all I came up with was that it might be normal. It said that at around three months after giving birth, a woman’s hair loss can increase, as it hasn’t been shed all through pregnancy. This gave me some comfort for, oh, about a week, when I noticed my ponytail had decreased by 50 %. Caleb is approaching the four month mark, I need to come up with another reason it is still coming out. Any thoughts?

Bright side: they have some pretty nice wigs out there these days.

Bright side: I may just become a blonde.
Photo: Some killer locks my parents had!

3 Replies to “Whatcha Worried About? Wednesday”

  1. I bet its after baby hair loss. Logan is 5 1/2 mths now and I have lost a ton of hair over the last week or so, it was really hard trying to keep from sheding in Thanksgiving dinner 🙂

  2. I’ve been noticing my hair getting thinner and thinner over the years. Especially lately it seems really thin and flat. Matt mentioned it could be the cool dry weather, but at the same time I’m a little concerned. I do remember losing a lot of hair after Natalie was born, but obviously it isn’t the case lately. Although I’ve always been a shedder. Maybe I’m just not growing new hair anymore. I know it happens with age and also with diet. I was wondering if there is something that is lacking in my diet that could be causing the limpness 🙂

  3. No answers here, but I had the after baby hair loss too. I have heard several medical “conditions” cause hair loss (I don’t remember which, but *maybe* thyroid and diabetes are among them), but if you are not getting bald spots and still have a head of hair, maybe it’s still baby hair loss? Let us know if a call to the doc provides answers. I have baby fine hair that is thinner since having babies. 🙁 I am guessing it is my diet too.

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