Make It! Monday

We are trying to keep the Christmas gifts for the kids at a minimum this year. I would like to play up the creative arts, and play down the toys. What joy didst fill my heart when I ran acrost this gift idea- a book making kit! So far I have collected cute mini-markers, stapled books together out of copy paper and card stock, and a clementine box to hold it all. I’m now on the hunt for stickers (dollar store), and unique pens and pencils- have you seen any cheap ones?

A-Major really enjoys writing stories, and Big-S will once she is reading and writing more. I must share a part of one of A-Major’s stories that she wrote for A-Minor last year. It is talking about a mermaid:

“…and her fin was blue. Her b**bs with the seashells on them were purple…”

(thanks for the reminder, angela!) When A-Major wrote the story, she read it aloud to me. I didn’t think I heard her right when she said that part, so I asked her to read it again. Sure enough, she was writing a Harlequin! I HAVE NO IDEA where she heard that word. Too funny.

Well, let’s hope my little authors stay G rated while using their Christmas present.

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  1. We have also really cut back on the gifts this year as well. Our children love to create art of any kind so I have been getting items they can create with and use up! 🙂

  2. I love this! I am going to do it! 🙂 I made some booklets today, but they have been used already for art. I’ll have to hide the rest. (We each have an art book (blank spiral) that we color in together with different types of crayons and markers. I like the idea of these small ones to make picture stories. I am trying to find a compact container to store them in since their art table is so small…maybe I can get a small clementine crate. 🙂

    O my darlin’ O my darlin’ O my darlin’ Clementine… (Picture me playing that on a child’s harp and singing).

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