What If I Weren’t

-an African mother living in poverty who has watched two children die of starvation, and wonders what life is
-a businesswoman living alone in the city, too busy to care what life is
-a girl in China who, because of strict laws against religious freedom, may never hear about what life is
There are so many places and times that I could have lived. Sometimes it hits me with such a force that I was born and raised by parents who acknowledged God, the Author of Life. What if I weren’t? I shudder to think where and who I could have been. This makes me thankful, and makes me want to go forth today, and tell someone about what life is.

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  1. Yes! I think of this every so often and it hits me full force. I am so thankful I was born in this country (I am 1st generation on one side!). and so thankful that God sent people to tell me I could have a relationship with Him! GREAT POST!! 🙂

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