It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…

The stores are packing their shelves with all things Christmas- some have been at it since early October. While it is a little obnoxious to see an ornament before I’ve even carved a pumpkin, it does serve to remind me that the gift-giving season is upon us. I posted Monday about the joys of making gifts, but there are occasions (and recipients) for which one would choose to spend money rather than time on a Christmas gift. Today, I thought I’d share some cute gift ideas I have come across in my internet browsing, to get our Christmas-shopping juices flowing:

Coloring Books from Dover Publications. These are great for using in homeschool or Sunday school lessons. Sign up to receive free samples via email here.

The Nana Cheese Grater from Pylones. For the non-cook in your life who likes to collect cute tools, or a little girl wanting to help mama in the kitchen.

Reasonably priced art prints from You local folk even have a quality matting and framing business nearby…

A cute apron from Me like, me like.

And, of course, go back and read about my trip to the art museum’s gift shop.

What’s that you say? These items reflect only the wants of a creative, artistic housewife? Well, help me round out my wish list by adding your “Dear Santa” to the comments.

One last thing- can anybody recommend a decent, inexpensive digital camera?

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  1. For some reason my wish list these days is all for the wee ones, but don’t believe me to be totally selfless. 🙂 I have fun with their arts & crafts supplies too! 🙂

    I’ve been crocheting some dish cloths. It feels good to accomplish something even if I only make these 2. And I crocheted something funny I need to show you. 🙂 So yarns are fun wish list items that get used up and don’t clutter. I want to try some wool or organic cotton yarn sometime! (I have no idea how much they cost or where to get them. I think I don’t want to know). That’s not a very exciting wish list, but I really don’t need anything. Except maybe a computer. That is another story…. 😉

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