On Travel And Home

In the church service on Sunday, we had the privilege of hearing a concert pianist who told us that he had visited all fifty states, played in forty-four of them, and numerous other countries around the world. Luke got to thinking about how many states he’d been to, and I did, too. So much for really listening to the guy play. I figure I’ve been in at least two more than Luke, since I flew out to Washington State and visited Idaho while there. The rest of our lists, along the east coast and California, match each other. I thought about how I would like to be able to say I’d been in every state- a worthwhile goal for our family. Traveling is something I really enjoy doing, and I hope that we are able to do more when the kids are a bit older. I’m pulling for Hawaii to be the next new state we visit- maybe our 10th anniversary. Yeah, I can dream.
On a related note, Luke and I often joke that our next house could be an RV- hey, we could just travel the country indefinitely, never having one particular acre of it be owned outright. This thought doesn’t bother me as much as maybe it should- when I think of ‘home’, the first thing that comes to mind is never the walled building you decorate. I really couldn’t care less if I never have a house of my own to fill with stuff. The stuff always ends up taking over, and then my time is dictated by how to take care of all of it. I must be feeling overwhelmed by the materialism that surrounds me right now, to the effect of me wanting out, out, out! The thought of only having a few square feet of living space to call our own sounds downright pleasant. On wheels- a bonus!
Although, I’m not sure how to get my recreational vehicle onto a Maui beach…

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