Still At The Museum…

After finishing up at the Monet Exhibit, I considered going round to other exhibits…NOT! It was time to call it a day. We headed downstairs, and saw these neato cylindrical blocks painted green on the bottoms and pastels on the tops, and kids were supposed to build their own garden with them. Did my kids build a lovely landscape? Noooo. While I sat in a Smith & Hawken rocker, my angels built a prison, complete with a locked gate. Nice. A lady came along and asked me if she could take their picture with her digital camera- I said, sure. Wish I would have given her my email address- she got some good ones.
We moved on into the museum’s gift shop. Can I just say how much I love gift shops? I mean, nobody ever buys anything in them; it is a wonder they stay in business. But I love looking around and discovering, or rediscovering things that well, you know- would make a great gift for someone. Someone like me.
First I spied UglyDolls in the corner- can I just say how much I love UglyDolls? We have pretty much sworn off buying the kids stuffed animals, but if we did, our house would be filled with UglyDolls. My favorite is Wedgehead.
Little-S came running a little too quickly around a glass shelf at this point, wearing what looked like a rubber dog puppet. I then realized that it probably was an oven mitt. Can I just say how clever that is? They are called Hotheads, and I want one. No, two. One for each hand. A frog and a dog should be able to coexist in my kitchen drawer, don’t you think? Not that they’ll stay there- Sam’ll be putting on puppet shows and I will never have them when I need them.
We bought a gift for Grandma Carol’s birthday (shh- don’t tell!), and A-Major spent the rest of her UCDF money on a cute notepad, so I guess people actually do buy stuff in gift shops. You wouldn’t think the cashier had too much to do, though- He sat by the cash register munching on a gift shop chocolate bar and joking with two other museum employees not working. It would be so boring to work in the museum. While in high school, I volunteered there, working with a lady who organized exhibit openings, and that was not as fun as I thought it would be. The highlight was lunch at the cafe- they had a delicious tomato basil soup. I know now that it could have been Campbell’s with dried basil from a jar. I didn’t know this at 16, so I sat all pretty, sipping my soup like a real live docent.
Well, our trip to the art museum went well. I don’t know if I would ever go back with the kids. If I want to pay that much money for a good time, I would rather be at COSI down the street.

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  1. Oh brave Mamma, I was laughing out loud at times. I hope you don’t mind-I was laughing *with* you. 🙂
    Savor the memory. 🙂

  2. P.S. About the comments notification. Meredith mentioned getting comments emailed to her. Maybe that is a setting? Thank you for the maple leaf pattern. I saw a pair of Maples yesterday, and it was GLORIOUS! Trees aren’t looking very fallish (nor is our wardrobe or the humidity). I can wait. 🙂

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