Make It! Monday


I’m having such fun with the beam that goes between the two front rooms in Carol’s house. The snowmen looked so good up there, I left them until last evening, when I switched to these indigenous peoples. I hope to change the display every few months; what kinds of things could I put up there? I’d love to hear your ideas.

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  1. When in doubt, decorate around the holiday or the season:
    January — Snowmen, snowflakes, Martin Luther King
    February — Hearts, presidents, mardi gras, Groundhogs, sugar time — maple anything…
    March — shamrocks leprachans, Easter (crosses, eggs, bunnies….)
    April — SPRING! Flowers, sometimes Easter here too!
    May — More spring flowers, mementos of Mom, flags for memorial day…party hats for MY birthday 🙂
    June — Flags — Flag Day!, Mementos of Dad, neon straws, flip flops and sunglasses. Welcome Summer!
    July — Fourth of July — Red White and Blue anything….stars and stripes and colored pancakes
    August — Fields Family Get together — Family heirlooms, more summer decorations
    September — Back to School, ABC’s and school stuff, fall leaves, Labor Day….
    October — Columbus Day — Ships sailing….pumpkins, harvest, more fall leaves….and if you want to go the Halloween route — there’s PLENTY there 🙂
    November — All Saints, Vetrans and Thanksgiving…halo’s purple hearts and turkeys….
    December — Snow, Winter, Christmas New Years….

    I bet some of the kids could help fashion crafts and such to help out….I’m thinking mobiles of snowflakes hung on fisihing lines, rocks painted with holiday pictures and paper chains in fall colors

    Sounds like fun!

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