Back In The Saddle Again

Luke found out about the scandalous non-coverage by our insurance company- it looks like we will be owing quite a bit for Caleb’s birth. With this new development, we won’t be socking away as much money as we had hoped. I am brainstorming ways to earn money so that we can more quickly get back to saving for a house. I need some unique thing I can mass produce and sell (besides my children), maybe during the upcoming Christmas season. It is difficult to come up with original crafts that a hundred other crafty types aren’t already making and selling. There’s Luke with his buckeye necklaces, Sara with her cute homemade cards. Even Callie and my girls have a thriving business in woven potholders. Oh, well. I’d better stick to saving the money we do have, primarily, than looking for ways to get more.
One way I save money is by using cloth diapers while we are home most days. This is a savings that is noticed right away, when we are only needing one package of disposables every shopping trip, instead of two or three! I hadn’t been using them for a while, but lately have felt that I need to get the babies back into them. And, get the “not a baby” Noah toilet-trained. That always relieves the grocery bill. Pun intended.

2 Replies to “Back In The Saddle Again”

  1. That is crazy!! Sounds like the insurance plan I have – the reason we’re waiting to have a baby! If we had a baby right now we would have no insurance coverage at all for the birth!

    I’ve seen info about 2 different travel companies where you can make tons of money (which seems too good to be true). One of the ads is on Crystal’s blog. Coastal something or other. 🙂

  2. You can try negotiating anything that was not covered. My mother had a expensive stay and kept pushing for discounts and help and she got both and avoided some big medical bills.

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