Motherhood Swipes Brain Cells!

Let’s see- it is 10 o’clock now, and the last hour has left me quite bewildered. See if you can figure out at what point I left my brain in the fridge, or back on my pillow, or laid by my toothbrush:

9:00 am I clean up breakfast dishes, put some eggs on to hard-boil

9:05 am Caleb is crying, I go in and get him changed and dressed for the day

9:10 am I decide I’ll check my email while I am nursing him

9:30 am While reading an interesting looking tuna salad recipe from my friend Jenny that calls for hard-boiled eggs, I suddenly remember mine, boiling away in the kitchen

9:33 am While draining the very-hard-boiled eggs and still holding the baby, I nearly burn his foot on the stovetop, and his mustard-filled diaper leaks onto my shirt.

9:45 am Caleb finally cleaned and changed, I come out to a kitchen littered with children’s cups and puddles of water. Abbie was here!

9:50 am Abbie, now outside and grass-covered, is begging to go down for her overdue morning nap (she is our sleeper!). I put her down, grass and all. She doesn’t seem to mind

10:00 am Caleb finally gets to finish nursing as I type this one-handed

Yes, these children are contributing to my already-flighty nature, and robbing me of any sense I thought I had of intelligence!
But, I am choosing today to think about the many, many things they give back.

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