The Goal Of Our Instruction

We are homeschooling our two oldest this year, using K12 curriculum through a virtual academy (that, incidentally, employs Luke). I am not even sure how I am going to guide two kids through the lessons yet- I felt barely with it last year just teaching A-Major. Any helpful hints as to teaching more than one would be welcome. The first day we could begin work was yesterday, and I was hoping to be able to get started then. But realistically, I need to have the house in better order before I think about school, so next week will be back to school for us.
I came across what will be a wonderful life-verse for this year of homeschooling- something to keep us all on track as to what is really important that we learn, and keep on learning:
But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.
1 Timothy 1:5
There are great terms in that little verse that lend themselves to deeper thought and further study- love, purity, good vs. evil, sincerity, faith. I want my kids to be successful at academics, but it is far more important they be successful at life.
May this school year be a blessing to us all.

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  1. Valerie, there is a homeschool group from our area on yahoo that includes E-schoolers. INCHESGroup is the title, I think. You could ask some of those that specificly use the same curriculum for some hints. There are some realy nice people over there who school multiple kids and could probably give you some great advice.

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