What’s Marion Got To Offer?

I’ve been spending time at Scribbit, a blog by Michelle in Alaska (see sidebar for link). One of her posts recently was pictures she took of artistic structures found around Anchorage. I got to thinking I should do a post on neat things to see and do around Marion, and… well, I, uh, am having a little trouble with this. I mean, the library isn’t even that spectacular here- they just let you borrow books for free, borrow movies for a bit less than Blockbuster, and once in a while they manage not to lose books and blame you for it.

So, any of you out there who are Marion natives, fill me in on what I am missing in this town- any pieces of art? Any neato events? I’d really like to know. Of course, we hope to only be here for a short while longer, and where we hope to move, I could write volumes on all there is to see and do. But, in an attempt to be content, and bloom where I am planted, right here is what I want to enjoy for now. So far all that is coming to mind is the pretty fountain in front of the hospital, my most recent stay away from home.

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  1. What? Marion has more to do than one might think. As a kid, I loved to go to the cemeteries…
    Clairdon cemetery has Aye Rock…which you can climb up on. We used to pretend it was from outer space!
    Marion Cemetery has the mysterious moving marble ball. Everytime you visit, the lighter colored spot where it was originally set is in a different place. This family monument was once featured on Ripley’s Believe it or not.
    Of course the Marion Cemetery also has the Receiving Vault built into the ground where someone laid in state….Harding? Lincoln? Can’t remember who…
    Of course, Marion is home to our 29th president, Warren G. Harding. The Harding Home and the Harding Memorial are both impressive sights.
    (Marion trivia here…the parks in Marion are named after presidents who have died in office…Kennedy, Lincoln, McKinley…of course, I don’t know where Sawyer-Ludwig Park came from, but otherwise, that’s a true statement!)
    Marion is also considered the “Popcorn Capital of the World.” A visit to the Heritage Hall/Wyandot Popcorn Museum downtown explains why.
    Of course, my favorite Marion things are the ones you don’t expect to see in a small town…
    Like the wonderful Palace Theater. Not many communities have such an impressive and restored space.
    Marion also has it’s own vineyards. The Shamrock Winery in Waldo produces 10 different wines I believe.
    Also, we have a pretty good local orchard 🙂
    A must I think, is the Linn Schoolhouse. It’s a refurbished one-room schoolhouse. Very cool.
    You can find out lots of great places at http://www.visitmariononline.com
    Happy Hunting!

  2. I’d like to ammend my park name comment. The parks in Marion were named after presidents who were assasinated in office: McKinley, Garfield, Kennedy and Lincoln.
    Now, if you are asked that question on Jepordy, you will be prepared.

  3. OK OK…this is my last comment, I promise. It’s just that there are a lot of famous people that can be associated with Marion. The would include:

    Huey Lewis, singer
    Warren G. Harding, US President
    Marilyn Meseke, Miss America 1938
    Jim Thorpe, Olympian
    Mary Ellen Withrow, 40th Treasurer
    of the United States
    Isaly Family, creator of the

  4. The school house is open on the weekends too, if you want to check it out. I haven’t been there myself yet.

    There is the Schwartz Covered Bridge close to my home. It might be a cool picture. Fun to visit for about 5 minutes. 🙂

    There are some cool murals they have painted recently in downtown. They don’t compare to the one in Bucyrus though.

    We have many beautiful farms. A sight not many people get to enjoy.

    Have you ever been to the PopCorn museum? I haven’t.

  5. We have an old military depot that once had toxic waste buried under it. Sara T, have you seen that one? – Luke

  6. Oh Luke…I glow with pride about that old army depot.
    Ya know, we always thought that the FFA kids were just really bad farmers…trying to grow corn in contaminated soil. Who knew?

  7. Marion train station is a bit of a Mecca for railfans. It is the crossing of three major lines (used to be five). After being replaced by modern electronics, the signal tower was saved by the local train enthusiast group from being demolished. Conrail gave it to them and helped them get it moved across the tracks to it’s current location adjacent to the station. The signal tower, I have read, has been rewired to display train movements, even though it does not actively control the tracks anymore.

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