That’s One Way To Exhaust A Box Of Tissues

Ahhh- I am experiencing the blessing and pure joy of breathing again. We moved most of our belongings to Carol’s on Wednesday, then I got a good day of work in on Thursday. But when I went to bed that night, I had…..a sore, scratchy throat. Telltale sign of impending doom for me. It really stinks, because I just had a cold, and spent plenty of time complaining here about that one, that I shouldn’t even mention this one. I will say that this one was Niagara Falls, and the one three weeks ago was only our old leaky bathtub faucet, as colds go. This is the first day of feeling halfway normal again.
Today’s Elisabeth Elliot devotional was just the encouragement I needed. I hope you all are signed up to get these; they often speak to our very circumstances.

What weakness are you feeling today? The inability to manage circumstances that cry out to be changed? Helplessness in the face of another’s deep need, or of evil you have to watch perpetrated on others you love? A sense of inadequacy for some task laid upon you? Physical weakness or pain? The need for power to forgive an injury or keep silence about unjust accusations against you?
Christ has been there before you. Every form of human limitation He knew, and out of that utter poverty we have been made strong. Yet, again and again, in the life of each disciple, comes the experience of weakness in order that we may live His life for others.
“We who share His weakness shall by the power of God live with Him in your service” (2 Cor 13:4 NEB).
This sharing of His weakness is one aspect of the death of the cross, one of the conditions of our discipleship, and hence cause for joy rather than bitterness. For we walk the road, not alone, but with Christ, “well content to be weak at any time if only you are strong” (2 Cor 13:9 NEB). The mystery is constantly being worked out–strength out of weakness, life out of death.