The Fullness Of Time

Last week was rough for me physically. There were many occasions where I thought I was going into labor, but it only turned out to be gas pains, or abdominal muscle spasms. Hey, going through this five times before hasn’t helped me figure out one from the other- all my parts are pretty packed in there by now and it is hard for me to tell what is going on in the end (literally-har har). One particular episode was in the night, and as I felt a pain, I got really fearful, and thought to myself, I’m not ready.
Sure, I can gripe with the best of them about going past my due date (again), and how much I’d really like this baby to come. Deep down, though, I admit to being afraid at times of the next step. Labor’s no picnic, and I don’t look forward to it. But I was a bit surprised to find just how scared I was in the midst of these pains last week. I have been through labor before, and done fine- why the sudden feelings that I can’t do it, that I am not ready? I’m not sure. Since it turned out not to be real labor starting, I was more relieved than disappointed. Strange.
If I think back to my labors with most of the others, when true labor was underway, I actually wasn’t afraid. There was pain, but there wasn’t very much anxiety over the outcome. I knew it was time, I knew that I was ready to do this thing.
I think the same way about Jesus coming back- there have been times I hear some strange sound that I get to thinking could be that trumpet, but it only turns out to be a train whistle. Or, I will have a new and very real awareness that He is returning soon. And I will be afraid in that moment, thinking to myself, I’m not ready. These moments have left me scratching my head, just as my sudden fear of labor approaching. Why would I be afraid of either scenario? Both promise new life, a change from the old to the new, a beginning of a wonderful thing God has been planning and preparing for so long. Since I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, there is nothing to fear. Especially not in childbirth, and certainly not in eternity.
So, in keeping with what happens when it is time for me to give birth, I think when it comes time for Jesus to return for me, I will not be afraid then, either. When I look and see this Person, who has done so wonderfully much for me, approaching Earth and gathering me in His arms, I imagine I would feel nothing but absolute peace. Because He is the only One who can get me through labor and this life, I am ready.

But when the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His Son… Galatians 4:4

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  1. Good post! Know that I am lifting you up daily in prayer as you walk through these days…

    Lord, give Valerie Your perfect peace that passes all understanding. Keep the enemy from conjuring up fears & robbing her of the joy You want to give her today. Replace any fears with power, love & a disciplined mind, & remind her of Your great love & perfect plan for her & this new sweet life we will soon meet!!! Walk with her in fresh ways these days, Lord & show Yourself faithful. Again!

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