Read Any Good Books Lately?

It is raining- just the kind of day for a trip to the library. I’m wanting to get a few new (to me) books that I can have on hand during the early part of labor. Any suggestions? No, Charley and Sara, this is not the time for me to start Harry Potter. Yes, I should finish Heaven, but that book requires a bit too much deep thought, for a time like labor. Compelling fiction or feel-good-story non-fiction would do the trick.
Leave a comment or email me with a current favorite of yours.

2 Replies to “Read Any Good Books Lately?”

  1. I wish I had read a few good books lately. I usually stick with magazines because of all the interuptions.

  2. OK…no Harry Potter. When I want some mindless reading, I like to go back to the classics when I was growing up….like
    Tuck Everlasting
    Bridge to Terebithia
    My Side of the Mountain
    They are easy reading, but still AMAZING stories.
    Adult books I’ve not been able to put down recently include:
    A Girl Named Zippy (I forget the author)
    Angels & Demons (Dan Brown)
    Beach Road (James Patterson)
    Sex God (Rob Bell…this one ain’t fiction!)
    Of course, my favorite book to read in the rain is Jane Eyre **sigh** Maybe I’ll have to go curl up with it right now.
    Happy Hunting at the library!

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