We watched the movie Catch Me If You Can again last night. It is the true story of a teenage boy who manages to impersonate a pilot, doctor and lawyer, learning the art of making fake payroll checks. He is finally caught, and, after serving some of his prison time, is given a job working for the FBI in their check fraud division. I like this story, because it is gratifying to hear about someone turning something bad into something good. Redemption. Heaven, by Randy Alcorn, the book I am struggling to finish let’s face it, I am not going to finish I have read a good portion of, talks a lot about redemption. God is in the business of making all things new (Revelation 21:5). We often hear about how we as Christians will benefit from the new Heavens and new Earth, with new bodies and sin-free existence, but I don’t usually think about how this will apply to everything God has created, as Randy’s book states. Trees, animals, weather, oceans, all of it God created, and He intended it to be good. By the power of redemption, He intends it to be good once again. This is so fun to think about. What kinds of things will we find in Heaven that totally surprise us? Like guns, maybe? My husband thoroughly enjoys a good hunt. There is no reason I see that something like that wouldn’t be available in Heaven to pursue. Or makeup. We use it to “paint the barn”, but it still could have redeeming value after our barns are turned into beachfront condos.
What else do you think God will redeem? Do you think T.V. has a chance?