For My Reading Pleasure

I’m finally getting to start a book recommended by Meredith, called Making The Most Of Every Move, by Garner Dodson. As you can see, it is a relic. Meredith quoted so many interesting things from it as she was reading it, though, that I am pretty certain I will enjoy it and it will be helpful in our upcoming move. It was on my ‘Spring Reading Thing’ list, but I knew I wouldn’t read it until I had a reason to do so.
A couple of tips totally unrelated to this post:
I cannot substantiate this with a web link, but Tim Horton’s is offering a free iced coffee today, July 19th. Get on out there and get your fix. While it is free.
To increase overall performance at your computer, and improve time management skills, make sure when you sit down to do your work, you have to use the restroom sorta bad. Works every time for me.