Homeschool Fun

The week (a few back) I thought I’d have nothing to blog about, there turned out to be a surplus of things to blog about, and this is one of the ‘lost episodes’ of that week.
For science, A-Major had to make a life-size replica of herself, and fill it with bones, organs, etc. I didn’t take a picture of the finished body- it is kinda gross, if you think about it. And displayed on the kitchen wall for all to see- nice. She had fun doing it. The online lesson about the digestive system was funny: there was a little movie of a see-through man eating an apple. The powers that be chose to make the digested food, and subsequent waste, purple. The most unnatural color imaginable, to my way of thinking, for this sort of thing, unless it is July fifth and you had colored pancakes yesterday. I know they wanted to keep it from getting too gross, but A-Major had a bit of trouble figuring out exactly what the digestive system accomplished, due in part to the too-pretty visual aid. She searched her brain for what might come out of the body that was purple. “Is that p**?” No, just Barney doodoo.

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  1. It’s me, Angela! 🙂 I haven’t posted here in the last 10 minutes; so I thought I’d come back to say hi with my real name, and here you have put up a neat new post! 🙂

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