One Reply to “What Was I So Worried About?!”

  1. It has been fun seeing older pictures of you!

    Aliyah is pretty in glasses! (I wanted to mention that when I saw the bus picture). What does she think? I would love to know how she describes seeing. Btw, we get children’s glasses at Lenscrafters; so far it is the best deal we have found. Children’s glasses (lenses & frames) are half off there, and another important feature for us is that replacement lenses are another half off that for a full year. (For us that is $50 every replacement). And the lenses are ready in the glasses an hour after we drop them off. So we don’t buy a back up pair (so far). They are also the only place we can find the right sized frame in stock in any variety (again with the lowest price). I would love to know if you have found a better deal. I heard places like Sam’s club are the best deals on glasses, but you have to send them off. We aren’t members, but it might be worth looking into it.

    I am glad to see Aliyah smiling in her new glasses!

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