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Luke and I had the privilege of seeing Mark Shultz in concert last night, thanks to some super babysitters. I appreciated how the concert wasn’t ‘show’y like so many other artists’ are these days- he just came out and shared the songs that we know and enjoy hearing, and his purpose for being there- to raise money for the James Fund- was kept as the focus.
I got to thinking about writers, and what the nature of that gift is. On the way to the concert, we were listening to Brad Paisley’s Time Well Wasted CD, and I noted how good a writer Brad is, to get a whole story put into a few lines of song, and influence people that way. Then, hearing Mark that night, I recognized the same talent in him- most of his songs were written from stories he heard along the way, and decided to put them to music. That is what these songwriters do, that is what they were made to do.
In a small way, writing on this blog has developed the writer in me, to where I recognize in myself small snippets of the creativity that would drive Brad and Mark. I found myself able to identify with Mark when he would mention how a song came to be- at times, it could be an ordinary circumstance, but he could take it and make it into something really neat. Barbara Curtis has said before that true writers are going to need a pen and paper with them at all times, as they never know when a good piece will get its start. This has been proved for me often, as I’ll find myself going through my day, and either something will happen, or I will have a thought that is a perfect topic for a post, and I have to get it down on paper before I forget. With practice, I see how writing can develop into something others can enjoy, not just an outlet for the writer.
Good writers, I believe, are people gifted in sharing information in a way that benefits the reader. Not everyone can do that, so it is a treat when we get to experience that creative art in action.

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