Luke’s Ride With Mark Shultz

Yesterday was the big day- the day Luke had been planning for for some time, to accompany Mark Shultz on an Ohio leg of his cross-country ride to raise money for the James Fund. We found out the night before exactly where Luke would need to meet Mark’s group. Knowing Luke would need to get up early in the morning, I opted to move the family to my parents’ house for the night; that way the kids could stay asleep while Luke took off. Originally, I was the one who was going to have to chauffeur Luke back and forth, but my dad graciously offered (Thanks, Dad!) to take Luke to Marysville in the morning, leaving me to only have to pick him up later, in Wooster. This turned out to be very helpful, as I made the stupid mistake the night before of ordering, and drinking half of, a McDonald’s iced coffee. I didn’t sleep the whole night, I don’t think. Those drinks are tasty, but wrong place, wrong time for me. I wasn’t much good to anyone all morning, but by lunch was able to get everyone loaded into the van to go pick up Luke. The kids and I got to Wooster at around 3 pm, and had to wait for the group to arrive, as they got a little lost on the way to the destination. Once they got there, we got to go up inside Mark’s bus, and rub shoulders with the sweaty cyclists. Fun! The kids each were given cute stuffed bears (Thank you, Mark!) that I think they sell at the concerts. Mark told Luke that we were welcome at the concert on Sunday night in Mansfield if we wanted to go. We’ll have to see about childcare and get back to him.
All in all, Luke really enjoyed making this ride today. It is the longest he has ever cycled- over a hundred miles- but he felt up to the task, since he has successfully completed a marathon, something much harder to do, endurance-wise. He had fun talking with and getting to know Mark and his team, and I think Mark was grateful for the help Luke provided in accompanying him on this difficult, hilly stretch of Ohio’s byways.
Check out some pictures of the ride, complete with my corny captions, by clicking on the album below.

Luke’s Big Bike Ride

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