A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Bee

Actually, it wasn’t a bit funny, but I liked the allusion to a funny movie, so let’s go with it.

I left in what I thought was plenty of time to get the children pizza (cashing in Book-It rewards) and to Westerville Public Library. When I get to Pizza Hut, the man takes my order, then says, that will be 12 minutes. I’m sure usually that statement is met with, okay, that isn’t much time at all, I’ll just hop next door to Starbucks while I’m waiting. Mmmm, coffee and pizza- great combination.

But 12 minutes were at least 10 minutes I didn’t have, so I was kicking myself for not ordering ahead.  We waited, me getting stressed, the baby getting frantic.

Fast forward (about 32 minutes) to me getting to the intersection before we hit I-270, and deciding I want to try this shortcut to Westerville. Hey, I’d done it before. Well, actually Luke drove it to the hospital with me riding shotgun, very much in labor with our second-born, so I’m a little foggy on the details. But I thought I could figure it out. Nope. This was not the time to be trying out shortcuts! When I finally did enter Westerville, I couldn’t find the library! I thought it would be relatively easy, so hadn’t printed a map. Fortunately, I did find it, and we were only 10 minutes late. You’re hurting for me as I share this with you, aren’t you?

Turns out, this is a funny thing- the kind of funny where you are only laughing because if you didn’t, you’d cry. Almost exactly two years ago, I did much, much worse for myself by my lack of preparedness. When we decided I would travel to North Carolina for my aunt’s funeral, it was discovered I had let my driver’s license expire. Further, I hadn’t noticed it for six months, so had to take the whole driver’s test over again. Yep. Parallel-parking a minivan. Then, the day I was supposed to fly home from NC, I got to the airport late and missed my flight, all because I didn’t print up my boarding pass. It still sickens me just thinking about it. How do I let these things happen?

So, you’d think I would have learned something, anything over the past 24 months that would help me not get into any kind of similar situation again. But there I was, clutching the steering wheel and feeling that all too familiar feeling in my gut- “you’re late, you might miss it, and oh yeah, you could have avoided this whole mess if you would have used your printer!”

What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death? Thanks be to God—through Jesus Christ our Lord!  Romans 7:24-25