Twelve Days Of Soup Preparation

On the twelfth day of Soupswapmas my good friend did tell me What soup she was bringing to our fete.dsc02677.JPG So, um, there are at least a couple of you that I have not heard back from, that I thought you were coming to the soup swap, yet you have not gotten back to me on your soup-bringing. I know there are still 12 days to go. But you see, I want to fill the top of my “Soup Swap Info” page with many many names and many many soups, so that the visitor to my blog thinks I have many many friends. 🙂 Seriously, though, this is a time when you cannot stink at RSVPing. This has been a test of the Soup Swap broadcast system. If there actually was an emergency regarding your attendance at the Soup Swap, I would have used all caps.


whew- I need to get to bed

3 Replies to “Twelve Days Of Soup Preparation”

  1. I mentioned the last time we talked about it that I would bring white chili if that was okay. Is it okay? If so, I am anxiously waiting to see my little ol’ name on the list. I f it is not okay, since it sounds like another chili is coming, albeit a differing kind, I could bring a potato cheese soup that rocks. Just waiting for the nod.

  2. I haven’t figured out where to find it on your blog to RSVP – I’ll have my people call your people!

  3. Mmmmmm white chili! I wish we were there V! I won second place in a chili cookoff once for being the only one to bring white chili. The prize was a jar of Beano. I need to look up that recipe! It came from

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