Oooo, She Opened Up The Can!

Crystal at Biblical Womanhood posted last Wednesday about in vitro fertilization and its obvious controversies. Lots of good food for thought in her post, links, and the comments that follow. Take the time to read it, if you can. I might just be persuaded to share my view on this issue, if people were interested…

2 Replies to “Oooo, She Opened Up The Can!”

  1. You are SO right…this is a big can of worms. Two years ago, I had a friend who was contemplating in vitro. I had a frank discussion with her regarding both the physical and spiritual reprecussions. We talked a lot about wants, gifts, purpose and God’s desire for us. She and her husband decided against it.
    Last month I submitted a letter of recommendation for them to adopt. It was an awesome experience. 🙂

  2. Hi V! If you feel led to share this, I think it is a good topic to get people thinking and praying about. Though I thought IVF was “creepy”, I hadn’t given it much thought beyond that until you brought it up. I read Crystal’s post you linked to and am confused about how adultary could play into IVF (in her comments). Maybe she is thinking of sperm/egg donors?

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