A tragedy occurred this week, and I have not been able to get the events and people corresponding to it out of my mind. I didn’t know them, and am only distantly connected with what happened, but being somewhat in the know about it all has really left me sad. I ask myself, why so sad, since I didn’t suffer any loss or heartache directly. In fact, this has all bothered me so much that I wonder why it is not affecting others like it is affecting me. This morning at church, no mention was made of the incident during prayer time. Throughout the week, I thought I might hear of more people reaching out to help, but only a handful are, it appears. The majority of people have already gone back to their daily lives, without much thought about it. And I would, too, usually. I hear about something tragic in the news, probably hundreds of somethings in a year’s time, and my heart doesn’t even skip a beat. Why now? I guess one takeaway I ought to have is to be more aware of those around me, and the problems they may be having. Also, to pray that this awful string of events not be wasted, that God would be glorified somehow. That maybe this could open a new door for the gospel, that was before closed, to families. To make my tears count. This experience brought about in me, once again, the realization that I have no idea what is going on in people’s heads and hearts, and I have no control over others or their decisions. But God has complete control, and though He allows us to have our way, prayer is powerful. I think of the prayer, loosely quoted, “Lord, the waves are so big, and our boats are so small…” His plans will prevail, and His love endures forever.