Weather Or Not

Hello from frozen Ohio! It has been an interesting week, weather-wise, with low temperatures, and snow, and high winds. But life still goes on, thankfully.

Sarah had her root canal on Monday. It went well. She’ll need another round of internal bleaching before she is done, which happens next Monday. This has been a trying experience, more for me than for her, I think. During school time once we wrote about courage, which can be defined as the strength to move forward in spite of fear, difficulty, or change. That last one, change, isn’t normally what we think of needing courage to weather, but it does. And I think the change of this new experience, this going from having a good braces off time immediately to a serious problem, is just throwing me down. But I’m coming along. Moving forward.

I’m planning on starting Kidnapped by Robert Lewis Stevenson as a read aloud tomorrow. In the first chapter, the boy is given some items to take on his journey, but at first the author only describes the items by shape. I think we’ll guess at what the items are, and talk about why the author would choose to only give us bits and pieces of information, before I read us the chapter. Hopefully there will be more opportunities to have activities like this, because the book may be a little beyond some of these kids’ abilities.