Blogs I Love

I’ve been blogging (on and ((a lot)) off) for a really long time! This has been such a great period of my life. In addition to writing on my blog, I’ve always had a playlist of other, excellent blogs I read. I got to tell the very first blogger I followed how much I appreciated her, recently via email. I’m sure she felt a cross between creeped out and flattered when I told her all these things I remember her blogging about, from meal planning to her micro preemie son’s birth. But I loved reading. I haven’t shared who I’m reading these days, so here are my favorites, with some commentary. I thought about linking to each one, but that might not be good for my blog or theirs, in some cases. So, you might have to translate my dots and slashes.

Smittenkitchendotcom- I not only love cooking shows and blogs, but I really love the ones who have a story to tell for each recipe they share. I’ve been reading this one for years.

Fountainavenuekitchendotcom- this is a new read, and I like her stories, too.

16blessingsmomdotblogspotdotcom- she has 16 kids, and faithfully writes every day! So inspiring to me.

Likemotherlikedaughterdotorg- I love the book recommendations here, and her thoughts on politics, life, homeschooling, and cooking.

Dailyconnoisseurdotblogspotdotcom- she’s so uplifting and fun. These are videos, though, which I cannot watch easily on my phone, so I am glad when she gives a written synopsis of the video. I discovered the book Amy Snow when she recommended it. Good stuff.

Thepioneerwomandotcombackslashconfessionsbackslash- this is one of the oldest blogs for me. I was reading when she was a mere pup, before Food Network, before Walmart. And her blog seems like it has not changed. She is still as goofy and poetic as she always has been. Love it.

Mychildiloveyoudotblogspotdotcom- I wish this lady were still blogging, and I check faithfully for a new post. But her archives are a treasure. Click on any month of the year, and find encouragement. Nights with these last few newborns have been spent with her whispering in my ear that this will all turn out beautifully.

So there’s my perfect seven right now. If you are looking for something good to read online, here’s where to start.