Abbie’s Garden Party

Abbie’s party Saturday night was a great time. I liked how the cake turned out, even though it isn’t exactly what I had in mind. Luke couldn’t believe I actually drew all of the vegetable pictures on the little stakes- I realized how little I do anything that involves drawing these days. Note to self- get back into that! I feel limited in this house, because there isn’t a place I can set up shop and work, like a craft room or studio. It is a priority for the next house.
Anyhoo, back to Abbie’s party. We got to see Jaylynn for the first time since she has been back. Hopefully it wasn’t too stressful for them to come out so soon after getting home. But she seemed to be having an okay time. We had grilled ‘Bubba Burgers’, and boy, were they good! Wal-Mart carries them, and maybe other stores, too. There were lots of good friends who came, and it was a treat to catch up with all of them. Our plan is to have a ‘big’ party for each child when they are one, five, nine, and thirteen, to save our sanity a bit. So this was Abbie’s big one, and I think she had a good time.