Tomorrow morning, I will either still be here, or I won’t.

This applies to every one of us; no one knows just what the next hours will bring. But I am talking about the sore back I’ve got and the erratic but painful contractions I’m having. It’s too early, I say. This will all smooth over after a good night’s sleep, and, hey, any disappointment over this time not being IT will be dwarfed by that good night’s sleep!

But, man, my back hurts.

I pass a church often that has a wayside pulpit. The pastor has put many a thought provoking message there over the months and years. This week it says, BE A VOICE, NOT AN ECHO. Huh? I came away scratching my head. Just keeping to the surface of it, I suppose it is a decent saying. Be a leader, not a follower, be the solution not the problem, etc. But if I really think about it, I can’t agree. Not everyone has the opportunity to be out front, making the big plays, in the starring roles. Most of us will live ordinary, unnoticed lives, and will only have echoes of those gone before us to speak. Our task is to make sure we are listening to the right voices in our lives, and echoing accordingly. “My sheep hear My voice, and they follow Me.”

All this analyzing made me think of one of my favorite hymns- O Thou In Whose Presence. The next to last verse transports us to the throne of God, with countless angels attentive to His WORD, catch that? The last line of the verse never fails to bring me to tears:

He speaks, and eternity, filled with His voice,

Re-echoes the praise of the Lord.

That’s what we are here to be, now and for all time- the echoes of His praise.