Fix Up

I’m sitting outside Volunteers, waiting for the girls to come out. I had forgotten how much I dislike doing this. When I got in the door, I instantly forgot what I was looking for, and almost felt guilty for taking up space in the store. There were some good buys, though- I found some Robeez for Julia. She now has three pairs of fun shoes. I’m all about shoes. You can wear an outfit only so often, but shoes are so much more interchangeable. Though now I’m wondering if I will be able to wear anything but my sneakers. I hurt my leg a while back, and have slowly tried to get back to running on it. I didn’t listen closely to Luke’s directions, and ran two days in a row last week, and it is hurting again. BUT I also wore these Clark’s shoes to church, and wondered of a couple hours in different shoes was enough to make my leg sore. I wish I would have listened to Luke because I can’t know.

Girls are back. Time to go.