Am I The Last Person In The World To Find Out About…

Joe Scruggs? What sweet, funny kids songs! He would have been doing a lot of his recording when I was a kid, but I have never heard of him. I’m reading Barbara Curtis’ The Mommy Survival Guide right now (more on that later this week), and she recommended his stuff at the end of one chapter, along with Raffi. Now, I know Raffi well- we spent many a playtime together at the daycare I worked at in high school. But Joe- where have you been all my life?
Take a look at some of these lyrics, to the song, School Glue:

Now, remember just one thing

When you glue on the bumble bee’s wings:
That it only takes a little drop of glue!

Now, the other kids are outside
Teaching their bumble bees to fly!
And I’m sitting in this cold, empty room.
Oh, it’s enough to make me cry!
Oh, I think I used wwwwaaaayyyy too much glue!

Another endearing ditty is Bubble Gum. You can listen to a sample of that, and others, here.This guy is so much fun. Better late than never finding out about him!