Odd Offerings Updated

Various bits of information that I know you desperately need, but don’t fit in a post anywhere else:
Meredith mentioned Top Secret Recipes a few weeks back. I took a look and tried their ‘Panera’ Broccoli Cheddar Soup- quite yummy. I’ll probably stick with my Mennonite cookbook recipe for it, though, since I’m more comfortable making it that way. The website offers a new ‘restaurant copycat’ recipe a month; I look forward to seeing what they mimic in April. *Oops- looks like it is every week, not every month. Sign up for updates so you can be more on top of it than I am.:)
What kind of M & M are you? At this website, you can give yourself a chocolatey makeover, complete with a custom candy coating. I wanted to save my creation to my computer so I could post it here, but was prevented from doing this. *Hold the anchovies; Luke showed me how to save it! Press ‘download’ at the bottom of your finished candy person, then right-click and choose ‘save image as…’ Thanks, hubby.
Barbara Curtis mentioned Paperback Swap a while ago. We don’t accumulate too many books (that we don’t intend to keep) around here, but I know of some of you who do. Maybe this would be a great way for you to declutter.
Today is half off day at Salvation Army in my town; I’m hoping I can get out to shop. Two weeks ago I went, and came home with two pairs of sneakers for the boys for $.50 each, and a shirt and jumper for Abbie totaling $1.50. Not too shabby. Call your local thrift shops and find out when their sale day is; this can be a great way to stock up on summer clothes for children.
I finished Thundering Sneakers yesterday, and hope to post a review tomorrow.
Have a great day!

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  1. We used to love Applebees honey mustard dressing/dip, and the Top Secret copy really tastes like it! Mmmm…your soup sounds good! I am a soup lover, but Lovie doesn’t love it during warm weather. You gave me the idea to make it for LUNCH. I love split pea soup which I must eat without him anytime of year. Ha ha!

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