Monkey Brains For Dinner

While Luke was gone last week, I took the opportunity to try some new recipes out on the family. Luke has a tough time when I make a new recipe. He’ll ask what is for dinner and I describe something new (eyes glaze over) and exciting (gulp). It might have something to do with the time I made a pasta dish that had cinnamon in it. He’ll never let me live that down. A peek inside Luke’s head on New Recipe Night:
[mental gears turning] Is that meal in my database? If yes-> give satisfied smile and say, Sounds good. If No->this is a case of her getting bored with dinner and shaking things up again. Paste on a look that is somewhere in between amused and annoyed, raise eyebrows a little, and say, Oh.

You can plainly see why I prefer to avoid this. I made Spinach Manicotti, from Tammy’s Recipes, and Amy’s Chicken Broccoli Lo Mein, one of the meals from the cookoff last week. Amy won the cookoff, by the way, but only by a dollar. Aldi shopping and loss leader shopping remain two respectable means of saving money. But back to my own little cookoff: the manicotti was good, but only so so. It had a cheese filling and white sauce topping; apart from the spinach it was quite monochromatic, and bland.
The Lo Mein was fantastic. I was thrilled to have all of the ingredients on hand; I guess I am becoming a better grocery shopper and pantry stocker than I thought. This is a dish that I won’t hesitate to fix for Luke- he can raise his eyebrows all he wants.
Why, why, why, I didn’t make a third recipe I’d found while he was away, I am kicking myself for now. No, I waited to make it for Sunday supper, with him in a foul mood besides, thanks to a broken washing machine. It was Crockpot Cabbage Rolls, a meal Meredith made in the cookoff. I thought they sounded good; I like cabbage, and want to get it and more veggies in our diet.
We sat down to dinner Sunday night. Luke, having come from cleaning out our filthy van and starting to struggle with the washer, looks at the rolls and says, “I’m sorry, I just can’t eat monkey brains for dinner,” and proceeds to rummage through the fridge for other sustenance. I asked for it, I know. They were tasty in spite of their humble appearance, and I heartily recommend them to anyone who likes cabbage. If you live close by, you can have one of my 8 left over from dinner- I stuck them in the freezer. As to whether they resemble monkey brains, you’ll have to look at Meredith’s photo (scroll down) and decide for yourself.
Luke really is a wonderful guy, don’t misunderstand me. He ended up fixing our washing machine that evening!!! (“That’ll be $150, please,” he says.) A certain small, round piece of cloth that nursing mothers often need got stuck in the motor somehow. I am feeling really sheepish, but remind myself and anyone who’ll listen that it could just as easily been a baby sock. We’re still not sure how it got that far into the machine. Must have slipped between the top of the basin and the rim. I am so glad to have a working washer, and I love my hard-working hubby. Even if he won’t eat monkey brains.

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  1. Too, too funny!! The kids are all wondering why I am laughing so hard. (Anders thinks I’m laughing at him so is now yucking it up.)

    Typical Luke!! From one who knows.:) Keep trying those fresh recipes. He appreciates it, just doesn’t know how to express it!!

  2. You forgot to mention that my loath of cabbage comes from the fact that I was forced to eat fried cabbage and hamburger for weeks on end as a child. Other than that, the story is pretty much true and accurate.


  3. I can picture it all! Great post! I’m not sure if I like cabbage or not! Is that your fancy table?

  4. Oh this is so fun! Does Luke read Calvin & Hobbes comics? I have done many renditions of the monkey brains comic…back in the college days. I’ll have to give you a call sometime to let you hear it on your answering machine; so the children can laugh and play it over & over again. Now I just need to know when you are not home. 😉

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