Late Ramble

Interestingly enough, the last post for which I allowed comments on this blog was when I was overdue for Elijah.

Here I go again.

There must be something going on inside my womb that is causing this- I hesitate to say that my body is doing something wrong or that it doesn’t know how to have a baby, because of course it does. But these last few pregnancies have given me pause. A friend suggested that maybe my womb is tipped and that is affecting its responses when it would be time for labor. I don’t know.

I am glad, however, that I am not ‘in the dark’ this time like I was with Kenan and Elijah. The last weeks with them both were difficult for me emotionally, to where I felt spent even before labor had begun. This time, though, I feel strong. I feel like this will go okay.

So, the plan is to go the weekend, waiting for Julia to arrive. If not, then I will be induced early Monday morning. I like this plan; I love this date. First, it is the birthday of the little girl we sponsor from South America. It would be fun to have one of our own be celebrating that day, too. This is also a day for mathematicians- Perfect Square Day, 4/4/16. The last one was 3/3/09, the next won’t be until 5/5/25. We must make the most of this opportunity!

It never sinks in that in a matter of days, maybe hours, I will no longer be feeling WWF roundhouse kicks, but will be nursing my baby. Such good things to think about. Thank You, Lord.