Perfect Storm

Let’s see- what else can happen today? It is only 2 o’clock, so the day still has potential.

Sam has been wrestling with different maladies over the course of a week and a half. At first we thought it was poison ivy on his foot, and he was medicating it that way. Then, Saturday evening he starts feeling terrible, feverish, headache, hot/ cold chills. He goes to bed and wakes up with what looks like a heat rash on his hands and face. Today it has spread to his entire body, so I take him to the doctor. The doctor is perplexed and very concerned, so she sends us to a dermatoligist to determine what the skin rash is first. After that, the foot will need treatment, too, because she believes there is still an infection there, too. Yikes. I feel bad for Sam. He is just miserable.

I get home from the doctor in between appointments to find a somewhat chaotic household and a clogged toilet, and Luke calling on the phone. I had to smile while plunging, though- what are the odds of so many things going wrong? Murphy’s law says not too bad, really. Then I hear that Abbie started long division today, and had a meltdown at the thought that she would NEVER get this, never finish fourth grade, never graduate. She’s one of our glass-empty kids. By now I’m chuckling out loud.

Baby cannot come today. Way too much drama already.

Luke just texted that the infection is secondary, off of the poison ivy. Prednizone for two weeks. MRSA, Shingles, Staph all ruled out. Thank the Lord!