She Lives

I know, I left all three of you hanging the other day with my dog vs. van story. Even as I type this, she sits at Sam’s knees while he rubs her ears. She is in doggy heaven. More than she deserves, to be sure. But isn’t that the story of all of us? One thought that keeps emerging for me is how the antics of this hapless dog, and the grace offered her, mimics my own experience with our Great Savior.

So the night of the discovery, Bella was allowed to sleep inside, but even she could sense that things were not the same. She only lay curled up on the floor, not straining at the leash, not barking. Just hiding out.

For the next few days I worked at finding someone who could help me list her on Craigslist (pets are buried in lawn & garden, very confusing), and keeping Bella from the underside of our van. Luke worked at the wires, seeing if he could possibly fix them himself. Everywhere we went, I would have to explain why we all weren’t there or why we weren’t in the van, and I think each time I would tell the story of Bella’s attack with more relish. I was upset; maybe I never got as angry as Luke, but I sure ran my mouth like I was.

A week later, the part came in that was the final piece to (hopefully) rewiring the van. It was a cute little sensor that looked like Darth Maul at the plug, but of course absolutely essential to our van running again. Luke spent an hour or so under the van, putting things together, and…nothing. He came back inside, looked something up on the phone, and thought to himself for a few minutes. Then he went back out, switched some wires, and Voila! The van started, and showed to be switching gears! So for about $15 he was able to fix it this time, himself! Himself and God, he was heard later to acknowledge, as at that last part when things still weren’t working, he knows God showed him what to change. My Hero and my hero.

Slightly more amazing than this cheap fix is the complete 180 Luke has made in recent days regarding Bella. He went from wanting to shoot her, to wrestling with the dog last night before bed. This has to be a God thing as well. Maybe Luke realizes that everything, no matter how it happens, is an act of God, or allowed by Him. It aggravated us so much that this would be at the paws of a dog, when we were perfectly fine with it being caused by hitting a deer, and we certainly wouldn’t have howled as much if it had been an accident. But because it was a dog, well. That’s different. It shouldn’t make a difference in our responses however. We should be able to take each day’s troubles with equal measures of grace, since that is exactly the way our Heavenly Father deals with us. And I guess Bella will be around for a while longer, showing us this in the flesh, or fur.

I’m still up for listing her as a free dog to a good home. Preferrably miles from your actual home, vehicles, and possessions, if possible. There’s grace and then there’s dogs.

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