Bella Gratia

What a wild two weeks it has been since ‘the incident’. I, for one, marvel that some of us are still here.

A couple of months ago, we load up the van one morning to go to the library, turn the ignition key, and…nothing. Luke looked at the damaged wires underneath, got enough of them spliced together to start it and travel in second gear, and slowly drove down the hill to the mechanic, with me following close behind in his truck. I had hit a deer the week before, and we wondered if that might have jogged things loose. Lots of money later, we have a working van.

Fast forward to two weeks ago. We load up the van, I turn the key…nothing. Sam finds some torn wires in the gravel under the van that have saliva on them. Hmmm. I decided to email Luke at work about it instead of waiting until he came home to tell him; maybe that was a bad thing to do, but I don’t like carrying around bad news all day. He was not happy, and was already making it quite clear across the internet how endangered the life of our dog, Bella, was. We knew she did get under the van, and we knew there were mice/ voles that were up under there, too, but we didn’t put it all together until she attacked our van a SECOND time, likely going after a rodent. Aargh!

The first evening was tense. I wasn’t sure if Luke was going to shoot her, strangle her, or stomp on her. At one point he ordered me to take her to the pound, so I went for her leash. Upon further thought, we knew we didn’t have enough time to make it up there and back, as we both had places to be that evening, and we would probably be charged a fee for dropping her off, a salty rub in an open wound right now.

As I went through my evening, the more I thought and prayed about Bella, the more I thought maybe Luke should shoot her. What would it mean to offer her to someone else? “Here, this dog has cost us hundreds of dollars in car repairs in the last few months, why don’t you take her?” What would that be saying about our respect for other people and their property? Maybe she was worth more dead than alive. Alive was getting really expensive.

To be continued