Crackle Pop

I just pulled some artisan bread out of the oven. It is a little burnt, but other than that I feel very much like a baker in Rome, or at least a Panera employee. Now, trying a new recipe at this point in my life, for me, is rather like reinventing the wheel. I mean, rolls? I’ve got them down. Bread? Got it down. Pizza crust? Got it down. But cooking and baking can also be considered hobbies for me, so I like to peruse Pinterest now and then for new meal ideas, y buscar los blogs then and again for fun things to try.

Last year on a blog a lady was saying how she had gotten a tortilla press, and how bean tostadas and the like are weekly lunchtime staple meals for them now. I loved the idea of this, always needing some variety to our pb &h laden lunches, but not wanting something else I had to make. This lady said the kids made them. Sweet! So, I start dropping hints like “Do you know how many tortillas we are buying every week?” and putting a tortilla press on my Amazon wish list. Miraculously, Luke buys me one within the month! (I think there were other things he wanted on Amazon and the press brought it up to the right price for free shipping.)

When I received my new tortilla press, I started right away figuring out how to use it. I googled “best homemade tortillas” recipes, and got to work. It went alright, but immediately I experienced what I had read others saying, including this original lady from the blog, that flour tortillas did not turn out that flat. More like flatbread. This did not make for a pleasing taco. Not wanting to believe it true for me, I thought I might not be pressing hard enough, so one night I really gave the lever all I was worth. A few tortillas into my labor, the lever broke off (this is a cast iron press!), causing me to crush my two middle knuckles before I realized what had happened. Yikes! Luke was able to get a replacement lever that has supposedly been ‘updated’, but I have yet to use the press. What to do, since I know I cannot turn out flat flour tortillas with this press?

Last night I was googling “how to get homemade flour tortillas flat” (Note the pattern- Google is one of my hobbies too, obviously) and came upon a blogger saying it had a lot to do with using lard, and rolling it out super thin with a rolling pin. Tacos are on the menu for tonight, and I plan to follow her recipe as closely as I can. And yeah, I have a tortilla press paperweight.