Nailed It

My friend Diane made a comment today that I thought was especially relatable to my life these days:
“The women on our vacation aren’t really on vacation, they’re just doing their jobs in a different place.” {loosely quoted}

This is exactly what is wrong with me, or at least what I am allowing to steal my joy this summer. I am not on summer vacation. I am simply doing the same jobs under different circumstances. Laundry for Luke’s backpacking trip. Driving the kids to camp. Going to the pool and sitting in a chair with Elijah on my lap.

In my most gracious moments, though, I can see how such good training in humility this can be, looking out for the interests of others when their interests are much more interesting than my work. And, I know that I do not want my children looking back and remembering how much “Mom hated…” doing this or that for them.

Diane also reminded me that I am not far away from the time I will get to have a ‘real’ vacation again, where we have room service and go out to eat at restaurants. Great husband that I have, I have even had some good trips like that in the midst of these childbearing years. Another really good thing about pregnancy- the child is still within, low maintenance, and the other children are usually detached enough old enough to stay with a grandma.

So, I will endeavor to continue to create good memories for my children that may or may not include my direct happiness. After all, that was my calling from the beginning, to pour out my life on behalf of these anothers.

Each of you should not only look to your own interests, but also the interests of others. Philippians 2:4