Ask Me

There was a challenge made to me a few months ago to pray for people to be reached in North Africa. So, I dutifully put it on my prayer list, wanting to be faithful in believing that God desires these kinds of requests from us. Words from the song “You Said” come to mind:


You said, “Ask and I’ll give the nations to you”

Oh, Lord, that’s the cry of my heart

Distant shores and the islands will see

Your light, as it rises on us


But, “distant shores” aren’t the only places God desires men to be saved, as I was soon to realize. One morning as I was looking at the request for North Africa, a new thought came to me. It was as if the LORD was saying to me, “Why don’t you ask for those who live on your road like you ask for those in North Africa?”

I was taken aback. And, I have to admit, a little afraid. If I was to be praying about someone in my own backyard, I would then have to get involved. This was like praying for ladies to encourage Maxine. Okay, I prayed, what can I do to reach my road for You?

Our church is doing VBS next week. Here was a great reason to go door to door. The only problem with this, I thought, was that there aren’t many children on our road. But I had Sarah bake up some cookies to share and I set out with her last night to knock on doors.

Boy, was I surprised! I didn’t hit all of the homes on our road, but I did come across six homes with children.

Everyone we shared flyers with was very friendly, and I was thinking this morning to myself, that was great going door to door doing that- though I didn’t really do anything big like share the gospel with anyone -I really felt alive. Then it was like the LORD was saying to me, “Pray for all of the children to come to VBS.” Oh. So You want me to actually expect the children I invited to VBS to come to VBS? Okay. So I did pray for that, and will continue to pray for that until I see how He answers.