Today’s Ramble

Our calendar for the summer is already quite full, with VBS, summer camp, and campouts for the boys. I was asked to bring my older kids to a Mommy and Me fitness class to help watch the children that are too old for strollers, and while it added something else to the calendar, Luke and I both thought it would be good for me to get involved. I have been running on my own, and felt really good about my weight loss and strength…until today’s Mommy and Me class! Ouch! The exercises seemed to target every muscle that I do not currently use. I had to keep silencing the voice in my head that said, “You’re almost forty! Give it up!” with the reminder that the first time, times and half a time doing an exercise really are hard, but if I keep with it, I will see good results. That tribulation pun was intentional, by the way. The fact that all of the ladies are at least ten years younger than me shouldn’t keep me from participating; I need to put myself in situations where I can encourage and mentor other moms. I can think right now of women who spoke things into my life when all mine were little, who helped me so much. One lady was Kathy. She had cancer a few years back, and survived, but when I first received the news of her illness, it was like her life passed before my eyes, the many ways she built me up, big and small, to help me stay afloat. She and the other MOPS moms threw me a baby shower for Sam, even though he was our third baby. He was scheduled for surgery the next week, and it was such a sweet thing to do to share that time with us as we anxiously awaited our eight-week old’s spinal surgery. (He survived, too- another day of the year to celebrate- June 16). Kathy also was the one to invite me out to Bible Study Fellowship, a Bible study that has been an anchor for me through all my ups and downs of marriage and parenting and growing in Christ. I would love to have the opportunity to influence another mom in their relationship with Christ like Kathy did. It will be fun to make new friends at this class, as soon as I can move again.