A Letter

Dear Maxine,

We only struck up a friendship last month, and already it is time to say goodbye.

A friend recommended Francis and Lisa Chan’s book, You And Me Forever, and Luke and I had started reading it. I was convicted and challenged by a phrase in there, quite simple really, that said, “Err on the side of action.” This means we shouldn’t wait for God to tell us to do some things. Some things are right there in front of our faces to do, and we wait around listening for God’s voice before we step out, then after a while of silence we figure we weren’t meant to do that, anyway, someone else was. But Francis was candid: What is the worst that can happen when you decide to act out in love? So it stayed with me, this feeling, this knowledge- why not look at the opportunities all around me to love like what they were?

Pastor Mike emailed our prayer chain with the news that you had fallen and broken a vertebrae in your back. You would be down for a while, and needed some ladies to come over and sit with you, do odd jobs for you like water your plants or change your laundry. He ended the email asking us all to pray that ladies would volunteer. As I began to pray for this, it hit me- why would I pray for ladies to volunteer to encourage you, when I was a lady who could volunteer? I texted Pastor Mike and told him I could come over the next day.