Would You Rather

We got eight inches of snow last night, which meant another day of school canceled for Luke. He is loving his job on days like these. This usually means no school for us, either, which I am always happy to oblige. The longer I homeschool, the worse I like doing it. But, as I read the other day, things that are worth doing are often difficult. And, as I just read today, if I truly think I have a directive from the LORD to homeschool, where is there room for disputing, or complaining? Yeah, none. Especially considering all the days I get to have school canceled.

Luke went over to church to do some work, and called home asking if I could have the boys shovel the driveway. Usually we can labor through a snow by driving back and forth over it until it gets packed down (or we get stuck up or stuck down, or we have auto accidents in deep snows- I have plenty of posts about these scenarios). But Luke’s car is ailing, from the front suspension to the fuel line to the undercarriage being rusted out. One of those times that we wrestle with whether to fix the next boo boo or look for a new used car. He wanted the driveway shoveled in those key areas where his car would be vulnerable.

I told the boys to take fifteen minute intervals, take turns shoveling, and Sam headed out first. I looked out the window after a half hour, and he was still at work, though he was shoveling the entire parking area, not even starting in on the driveway. When I got out there, I offered to start heading down the hill; I was worried Luke would be back before we were done. Sam wanted to keep at it, so I walked some trails, enjoying the sunshine and white beauty all around me. Eventually Sam let me do some shoveling, and I went at the task. I found myself thinking, I definitely would rather be doing this, today, than start my first round of chemo, which is what a friend’s sister was doing today. Then I got to thinking that I would even rather shovel than teach homeschool. I’ve got to be the most reluctant homeschooler, or I really like to shovel. Actually, it is both. I remember feeling this way the time I shoveled Luke out last year. There is something so calming about working in the snow and cold. Definitely not too shabby a way to spend this afternoon. Sam came back out later and took over, shoveling all the way to the road! Luke was taken aback, not expecting a clear driveway. Time flies when you’re having fun.