To the LOST-writer people that had anything to do with last night’s show:
I don’t appreciate having to stay up all hours of the night waiting to watch an episode that involves a silly story line about the origin of Jack’s tattoo. Being lured to last night’s program by the promise of not one, not two, but three questions answered, I think the least you could have done was keep your promise on more than one front. It is enough to make me want to turn the tv off and never look back. I will, of course, tune in next week to see if you have improved on any of the points in my memo.
a loyal viewer
Photo: Aliyah perfecting her withering glare

2 Replies to “Memo”

  1. We almost turned it off too. 🙁 After the first couple seconds, we turned it for 5 minutes and then again when those scenes reappeared. So I don’t know what I missed. (We did hear that the lady had a special gift-and hoped it wasn’t what we thought;). (And that she gave him a tattoo. We did hear something about his tattoo meaning he is among us but not one of us…but that that wasn’t the true meaning. If you know the true meaning please share! 🙂 Thanks. My Love commented how every show we really like gets trashy after a couple years. I hope we don’t have to stop watching this one too. 🙁

  2. I just watched it and it was kind of strange. The only question that may or may not have been answered is that the Others don’t live there and it seemed like they had access to the “outside” world. Hmmmm.
    Fortunately we have a DVR, I was unable to stay awake passed 9 last night, couldn’t imagine staying up till 10 to watch it. But you can always go to to watch future episodes (after they’ve aired) for free so you don’t have to stay up so late…if you decide to continue watching it.

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