Musical Beds

Still here. But last night I can honestly say I was so grateful not to have gone into labor. There were plenty of other things going on.
This week has been difficult, with so many ‘loose ends’ needing tied up before I feel good about leaving home for a couple of days. One is the children’s health- a few of them have fevers and have been laying around the house today. This looks so odd on a summer day; I didn’t realize I would be dealing with illness the week before our baby came this time.
Another loose end was Kenan’s presence in our room- he needed to move out so that the new baby could move in. But he has been sick on and off for the last few weeks, and there was never a good time to do it. Well, last night seemed like an opportunity to try it. At first, both Adon and Kenan refused to go to bed, so they sat out with Luke and me and watched a movie until they fell asleep. Then we put them each down, Kenan in his playpen and Adon with Caleb. A couple hours later, I heard Adon crying, and went in to find him in Sam’s bed, rolling around and flapping his arms. Poor Sam was bewildered and still asleep as I tried to get him to move out of the way so that I could get to Adon. When I did, I moved him back to Caleb’s bed and eventually got him calmed down.
Still later, I heard both Adon and Kenan crying, so I picked up Kenan and went to rock him out in the living room. Adon was still crying, but I couldn’t do anything about him at the moment. I hoped Luke would hear him and wake up to help, but that never happened. Once Kenan was asleep again, I put him in our bed, with Luke, and went to tend to Adon again. There was just enough space left in our bed for me if I let my belly hang over the side, so I lay down once Adon was asleep. He soon awakened again, and again, until finally I decided to bring Adon out to the couch with me and we slept there for the next hour or so feet to feet.
Then I waken when I hear a thump and a cry- Kenan had rolled out of our bed! I went for him, brought him out to the rocker, and that is where Luke found me and the boys at about 4:00. Once they were asleep again, we put them to bed and collapsed in our own. This time they slept soundly, and I didn’t wake up until 7:00. Like I said, I opened my eyes so happy that at least I hadn’t gone into labor after all that!
As awful as last night was, I was glad to be able to take care of the boys, and give Luke a chance to rest. That is another loose end of sorts- the hope that when the time comes he will be in good shape to labor with me. I have ample time to rest in the hospital usually, but Luke has to head right home to busy children after going through labor with me, and it takes a while to feel stable again.
The boys just went to bed, and didn’t have very much trouble going down. Let’s hope tonight is much less eventful.
The night in between was wonderful, we slept well, and last night, too. But then at 6 am Kenan wakes up throwing up! I could not believe it- not only was Kenan sick again, poor baby, but here was another time I could honestly thank the LORD I had not gone into labor during the night! God’s timing is perfect, I am reminded.