The Weekend Begins

Luke and Sam left for a backpacking overnight tonight. I had a tough time getting it through my head that they wouldn’t be building any campfires. It’s, ahem, backpacking. Not camping. When Luke was thinking about what he would bring for food, he briefly considered the hot dogs in the fridge. This was the fateful meal before we got the stomach flu, and I have only fixed smoked turkey sausage, their distant cousin, since. But I mentioned how good hot dogs tasted over a fire and Luke just looked at me. Oh, yeah. No fires. It is supposed to rain early tomorrow morning, but they still wanted to go and do this, packing rain gear for the inevitable. “Besides,” I said, “you’ll be able to stay a little bit more comfortable by the fire!” Another look worth a thousand words from Luke. Okay, okay. No fires.

Whenever he is away like that, it is as if the rest of us are on vacation, too. Meals are a bit more relaxed, nutrition wise, and the house gets little more than a lick and a promise. It isn’t that he is a fierce overlord or anything; he’s pretty great about every piece of furniture being sticky all the time. But when he is gone, things are different. Makes us miss him and rejoice at his return.

Tomorrow is our monthly book club meeting- we read Homer Price and really enjoyed it. After that I will probably have to go to Walmart for odds and ends to keep us in business until I do my big shopping trip. It has been at least 3 weeks since I have been able to do a trip like that; we were sick, then had an Easter Egg Hunt last Saturday…Here’s hoping I can get out this Saturday morning. The whole next week runs better when I have been able to get everything. We haven’t had vanilla or cinnamon for a month. I might even forget what cinnamon tastes like.

Saturday night will be a birthday dinner for Micah, our twin, who turns 4. I have been thinking about how grateful I am that even though she does not have her twin sister, Micaiah, she does have two bookends, Anna and Adon. If she wants to play a little more rough, Adon’s her man. If she’s in the mood for her princess skirt and doll house, Anna’s always available. This morning I caught them together; Anna was ‘doing’ Micah’s hair, putting it up on the side with a bobby pin. Later on, Micah came down the hall moaning and sobbing that now Anna wouldn’t allow Micah to put up her hair. “What did you want to do to it?” I asked her. “Put it up in a ponytail,” she cried. “But Anna’s hair is already in a ponytail,” I replied.

“Yeah, but it doesn’t look good. It’s all tangly!” She was certain she could have done a better job.


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  1. That cracked me up about the backpacking/campfire/looks worth 1,ooo words hee hee! And the sweet hairstylists. I always laugh when you write about how you can try new recipes and “relax” when Luke’s away…I know what you mean, but it always strikes me so and I laugh. Thank you! 🙂 I loved all the pics so much-is it just me (not having daughters) or are pics of the little girls Micah and Anna especially beyond adorable? When I saw that one of all the children at the fair, I saved a copy for myself – and look how much they have changed again already!!! Love! :>

  2. I want to clear something up: there was no fire due to ordinance 245.6 section c of the State Forest code which simply reads: no fires in the forest. Aaron the Eagle Scout should know that a scout is obedient. Oh, did I mention fires are allowed in the State Forest if there is a fire ring? We had a ring. We had a fire.

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