Here’s Lookin’ At You


Luke was able to catch Adon in a compliant mood last Thursday and cut his hair. We knew it needed done, and I definitely wanted to see his and Kenan’s cut before Easter. Kenan’s is so thin and fine, it may look bad if we cut it too short. We’ll see. The morning after his haircut, Adon got the big mirror out of the bathroom drawer and walked around looking at his reflection. If someone would walk by, he’d turn the mirror to them and say, “See me?” I’m not expecting such vanity from Kenan, but I would like to see him walking more. Each day he takes a few more steps, but it is slow going. I know he’s had the ability since Christmas, when he found he could push the girls’ new baby doll stroller down the hallway all by himself. I wondered if I should have furnished him with a walker-type toy after that; maybe he would have picked himself up sooner than this. Oh, well. Another deterrent to his walking is the many hands around making him have light work. 🙂

The end of our school year is in sight, and I am already thinking about how to make next year better. Aliyah is getting old enough to be needing more rigorous study; I want to spend time researching homeschooling for the higher grades, to try to achieve something closer to a high school schedule and expectations from her as a student. One of the hardest things I have to do is hold my kids to the assignments and school tasks I give them. It is easy to give them work to do, not so easy to check if it was done properly, or sometimes even done at all. A continuing challenge! Maybe part of Aliyah’s courseload will be grading papers for me. 🙂

I considered going to the Cincinnati homeschool convention at the end of April, but when things weren’t working out for us all to go, I wasn’t feeling all that disappointed. Just thinking about the packing and traveling and walking we would do made me tired. Just as well. Luke can do my bidding for me- a book purchase and looking for high school materials and encouragement for Aliyah.

Today was her yearly eye exam, and she came home with a new prescription for glasses and…wearing a sample pair of contact lenses on her eyeballs!

It was a milestone, to be sure. We’ll have to see how it works out. Luke thinks she ought to get the most out of this trial pair, maybe only use them this summer when she goes swimming, sporadic-like. But she seemed to enjoy the freedom and newness of this experience today, so I don’t doubt she’ll keep trying them out for the next 2 weeks at least, until the doctor wants to see her again.

Teaching times like this are difficult for me. I have to show how to do a thing, then trust the child (or barely still a child) to follow my lead. I can’t put the contacts in her eyes; she has to find her own way. She was telling me about a girl she read about in a book who was trying to do a bunch of firsts, like getting contacts, one right after the other, and the adventures and misadventures that resulted. I congratulated Aliyah on another milestone reached, but thanked her for not trying to hit them all at once. One of God’s graces is one step at a time.

Yesterday’s gone, sweet Jesus
and tomorrow may never be mine
So for my sake teach me to take
one day at a time